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The Wagon floor in old wood

Oak is a precious wood that combines great durability with timeless elegance. Oak wagon floors are renowned for their strength and natural beauty. Each oak plank tells a unique story, with knots, veins and shades of color that add a warm touch to any space.

Fir, with its distinctive grain and rustic charm, is an ideal choice for lovers of authentic materials. Fir wagon floors add a friendly atmosphere to any interior. Their natural appearance and visual softness make them a popular choice in traditional living spaces.

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Quality and authenticity

Exotic wood brings a unique dimension to any space. Exotic wood wagon floors offer exceptional aesthetics with their distinct patterns and colors. Exotic species such as teak, mahogany and padauk give a touch of exoticism and authenticity to your interior.

At Saluzzo & Fils, quality is our top priority. When you choose our antique wood wagon floors, you are choosing authentic materials of the highest quality. Each of our floors is carefully selected to guarantee its authenticity and durability.


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