▬ Slabs for interior and exterior

Sale of Burgundy slabs

To elegantly dress interior and exterior floors, opt for Burgundy stone slabs. This material is known for its high thermal inertia, its resistance to wear and bad weather and its non-slip property.

Our company sells slabs of varying dimensions and thicknesses, intended for all rooms in the house, the terrace, garden paths, or even swimming pool copings.

In addition, we sell old paving stones, old building stones and old tiles.

▬ Rigorous selection

We deliver unique and noble slabs

The selection of floor coverings is an important step, whether during construction or renovation work. Aware of this issue, our team makes a point of offering you quality natural stone Burgundy slabs, carefully selected and packaged.

Visit our warehouse to purchase slabs, we will be able to advise you on the product that best suits your project.

Also discover among our decorative items statues and fountains to enhance the aesthetics of your exterior.


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