▬  Decorate your garden

A selection of beautiful terracotta jars

Are you looking for rare objects dedicated to decorating your garden? Stop by our store in Montauroux. We sell old jars, mainly in terracotta. These exterior decoration items are available in several models.

You will easily find the old jar you need among our selection! We also sell enameled pots, fountains, gates and other items. These period pieces are pretty and timeless.

▬ A rustic style

Specialists in the sale of jars

We have been selling antique items for years. Our team collects various items from individuals, such as jars. The items will be thoroughly cleaned before being put back on sale in our store.

In our premises you will find bric-a-brac for the construction, fitting out and decoration of a house.

Whatever item you need, take a look at our store. Our products, particularly jars, are offered at attractive prices.


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