▬  The Beauty of Authenticity

The Elegance of Sidewalk Edging

At Saluzzo & Fils, we believe that every detail counts in creating spaces with character. Our curbs made from old materials add timeless elegance to your exterior designs. Discover how these decorative elements can transform the appearance of your sidewalk and give it an authentic aesthetic.

Our curbs made from old materials are imbued with history and the patina of time. Made from materials such as stone, brick or granite, they bring a touch of charm to any outdoor space. Their unique character is revealed through their color nuances and details, creating a warm atmosphere.

▬ Benefit from our expert advice

Personalized service

At Saluzzo & Fils, we are proud to offer you curbs made from old materials of the highest quality. Each piece we offer is subject to rigorous selection to guarantee its authenticity and durability. We know how unique each project is, which is why we pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional curbstones.

Our team of experts is here to support you in your project. Whether you need advice on choosing the right curbstones for your space or are looking for professional installation services, we are here to help.


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